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WoW Classic Gold

Buy Cheap WoW Classic Gold, fast delivery on all servers and factions. 

The delivery of World of Warcraft Classic gold is about 120minutes after the purchase, we can send the gold over email or normal trade.

The gold is farmed by players, not bots or similar if you have any question feel free to use our live chat located in the right corner.


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Delivery Time:

1h-2h after the payment, in some rare occasions we need up to 12hours.


Q. Can i get Banned Buying WoW Classic Gold?
A.  Blizzard does not ban people for buying gold they ban the seller.

Q. Are there discounts available for bigger purchases.
A. If you buy more than 100 Gold please contact us over live chat so we check the current stock and if we can give you a better price.

Q. What is the difference in the delivering options?
A. The first option is face to face trade this means a normal trade, we will invite you to party in wow classic and trade you the gold you bought.

The second option is over mail we will simply mail you the wow classic gold.

The third option is over auction house, you will place something on the auction house and we will buy it please note there is a 15% fee for using this method.

Q. What Payment Methods are supported?
A. At this moment we only support paypal.

Q. I have a special request that i cant find in the options or i need support?
A.  You can contact us any time over the live chat or email option, if you cant see our live chat disable your ad blocker.

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